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Purchasing licenses for ActiveCompanionSet

ActiveCompanionSet User License Agreement defines three available license types.

The FREE license is granted to anyone who accepts the terms and conditions of the License Agreement. Free license allows using any functionality of ActiveCompanionSet xtras except for Automation wrappers of VbScriptXtra and activating embedded OLE objects handled by OLE xtra. This functionality is available for evaluation only (evaluation reminder will pop up when xtra detects using unlicensed functionality).
If you accept the License Agreement you may simply download the package.

The LIMITED license covers the certain set of registered ProgIds that are allowed to be used with VbScriptXtra's Automation wrapper and OLE xtra. It allows using any functionality of ActiveCompanionSet xtras for registered ProgIds. We provide several limited licenses for certain sets of ProgIds as well as 'Custom' license for any other ProgId.

The UNLIMITED license allows using any functionality of ActiveCompanionSet xtras. There are two kinds of UNLIMITED licenses: Normal and PLUS. Normal Unlimited license covers the most of cases. Only if you do need support for non IDispatch COM Automation objects you should purchase Unlimited PLUS.

You can choose which products you are going to use with VbScriptXtra/OLE/ActiveX xtra and purchase the corresponding license.
Note: Scripting support for visual ActiveX controls and OLE objects is covered by VbScriptXtra and thefore requires the corresponding licence.

Following licenses are currently available:

Single Office Component - any one of the following MS Office and Windows applications: Word, Excel, PowerPoint (+viewer), Graph, Internet Explorer (+Shell), NetMeeting, Outlook, Microsoft Agent Control - $50.

All Office Components - all MS Office applications (without MS Access). Internet Explorer and also CDO (Collaborative Data Objects) and Shell - $125.

System components - a set of system components including common dialog control, System Shell, File System Object, Windows Scripting Host Shell object, Windows Scripting Host Network object and also WMI, MSXML - $75.

Databasing components - a set of databasing components including ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), ADOX, ADOMD, DAO (Data Access Objects), MS Access, (JRO) Jet Replication Objects - $300.

Unlimited license for using any component (IDispatch based) - $400.

Unlimited Plus license for using any component (IDispatch and IUnknown based) - $500.
Among others this license allows using MontiVision SDK (Video capture, TV Tuners, DirectX filters) right in Director.

Custom - if you need to access your own (or another) custom component, let us know its ProgId, so we can provide the license for this component - $75.

The online store by MediaMacros Inc is not available anymore.

To purchase a license for ActiveCompanionSet use Paypal. You can send payment via Paypal to and we can get you your license key.
Please, contact to us for any ordering assistance.

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