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Adobe AIR extensions :: Documentation

  Using ADODB - sample Flash Builder project to see how to use ADODB in Action Script 3 (AS3)

Xtras for Adobe Director :: Documentation

VbScriptXtra documentation is available as PDF document.
OLE xtra documentation is available as PDF document.
ActiveX xtra documentation is available as PDF document.
  Usage... - generic usage information for ActiveCompanionSet xtras
  How to... - some FAQs
  Samples - useful code examples that you can use with ActiveCompanionSet xtras
  ObjectBrowser xtra - an autodocumentation companion for COM Automation objects.

ADOxtra - everything about ADOxtra
  Usage - common information about ADOxtra
  How to... - FAQs about ADOxtra
  Reference - detailed reference information about ADOxtra
  Samples - useful code examples which you can freely use with ADOxtra

ADOxtra_MUS - everything about ADOxtra for Shockwave Multiuser Server
  Usage - common ADOxtra_MUS usage information
  Reference - detailed reference information about ADOxtra_MUS

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