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ADOxtra FAQs/ADOxtra & VbScriptXtra

ADOxtra for Macromedia Director

Which xtra is better: ADOxtra or VbScriptXtra?

Although both xtras allows to use ADO in Macromedia Director, they are quite different.

Consider following notes about these xtras:

1. ADOxtra is safe for Shockwave (remote databasing). VbScriptXtra is not safe for Shockwave.

2. ADOxtra is implemented using 'compilation time binding' with ADO objects, while VbScriptXtra uses run-time 'late binding'. So, in general, ADOxtra is a bit faster than VbScriptXtra, although this difference is not important since actual data accessing usually takes much more time.

3. But, due to the same reason, ADOxtra supports a rather limited subset of ADO, while VbScriptXtra supports almost anything currently available and probably future ADO extensions.
ADOxtra supports ADO interfaces of version 2.0 with Connection, Recordset, Field, Property and Error objects. This subset is more than enough in the most of cases required for Macromedia Director.
But ADO provides much much more functionality. There are also other ADO-friendly components like ADOX - ADO extensions for database management, ADOMD - multi dimensional databases.
All these components are available with VbScriptXtra. Also you can use DAO with VbScriptXtra.

4. The price is almost the same...

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