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ADOxtra FAQs/ADOxtra & Remote databasing

ADOxtra for Macromedia Director

How to setup a web server for remote databasing?

The basic information about using RDS (Remote Data Services) with ADOxtra is described at ADOxta's documentation.

RDS requires proper server installation to work. If you have problems with it, check the following:

1. You should have a server computer with IIS based web site running.
Note: Personal Web Server is a limited version of IIS. It looks like it does not support remote databasing.
Note: IIS installed with Win 2k Pro is a Personal Web Server. RDS does not work with it.

2. Web site has to be accessible from where you are trying to use RDS, since RDS works over http protocol. Try to access simple HTML pages of the site with a browser.

3. Your web site used for RDS has to have a MSADC folder (real or virtual) with execute programs permission enabled (it is an IIS setting). This folder should contain at least msadcs.dll file.
If this folder is located on NTFS partition, then read access for it has to be granted to a user IIS_ComputerName.

4. The proper data source name for RDS should be created in msdfmap.ini file located at windows folder (C:\WinNT\).
Note: This data source name has nothing in common with ODBC data source names. See comments in msdfmap.ini file for more info.

5. The data source in msdfmap.ini file has to specify proper local (from the server's point of view) ADO connection string to the real database. Server part of RDS should be able to access that database right from the server.
For example, this is a data source name for the GuestBook sample:
[connect GuestBook]
Connect="Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Mode=Read|Write;Data Source=Drive:\Path\DatabaseName.mdb"

6. Among other, msdfmap.ini may specify named queries which are only SQL queries allowed to be issued by remote clients. By default, msdfmap.ini specify that no SQL queries are allowed to be issued. Make sure you changed this behavior either by specifying particular quieries or by enabling all queries to be executed.
Refer to this section of msdfmap.ini file:
[sql default]
;If we want to disable unknown sql values, we set Sql to an invalid query.
;Sql=" "

Note for IIS 6 users

Here is an article about RDS configuration for IIS 6:

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