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ADOxtra Reference/Version History

ADOxtra for Macromedia Director

October 20th, 2001

Version 1.11.001
Added support for BinaryXtra.

April 17th, 2001

Version 1.11.000
Weakened: Demo limitations have been weakened. Now the demo version is fully functional while the current record is within the first 24 records of a recordset. If the current record is outside this range, MoveNext, MovePrevious, setting AbsolutePosition and AbsolutePage recordset's properties may fail with "Demo version limitation" error.
Applied: a workaround recommended by Microsoft's knowledge base to avoid possible rst.GetString() failures with ADO 2.0, 2.1.
Added: Several properties of Recordset object: PageCount, PageSize, AbsolutePage, AbsolutePosition.
Added: Support for "numeric" data type which is used in different databases.

March 14th, 2001

Version 1.10.001
Bug fix: Delete method of recordset object cannot be called due to Director limitation (Director just does not call xtra implementation of the Delete method). Use rst.Delete_() to call Delete method of the wrapped ADODB.Recordset object.
Added: Xtra level function BuildConnectionString. It is used to invoke a dialog for choosing data source and building connection string.
Added: Global functions for date/time conversion from float representation to Lingo property list and vice versa. (DateTimeListToFloat and FloatToDateTimeList).
Added: Multiple enumeration constants used by ADO now available as usual properties of every wrapper object. For example: cnn.adAsyncFetch
Added: Shockwave is supported now. While used from Shockwave, MS Remote is the only supported provider due to Shockwave safety reasons. Attempts to use other providers generate error: "Provider is not supported from Shockwave."
Added: Multiple methods and properties defined in ADO 2.0 (rst.GetString(), rst.UpdateBatch(), etc).
Added: rst.ActiveConnection property now returns the wrapper instance of the respective Connection object instead of connection string value.
Added: Parameters processing in recordset and connection Open() method.
Added: Support for Connection.Properties collection and Recordset.Properties collection.
Bug fix: Properties and methods that are supposed to return something meaningful incorrectly returned Lingo <Null> value instead of VOID in case of a error with failed flag set. Fixed
Bug fix: Several fixes of error checking code that incorrectly does not generate an error in case of inability to properly type cast Lingo value into ADO value and vice versa.
Bug fix: Assignment new value to the field's value property (field.value=newValue or rst.field[index].value=newValue) did not generate an error in case of inability to properly type cast Lingo value into ADO value. So, it silently did nothing in such cases. Assignment using two other methods (rst.field[index]=newValue or rst.SetFieldValue(index,newValue)) works properly. Fixed.
Bug fix: Xtra incorrectly allowed to create child xtra instances like gADO=new(xtra "ADOxtra"). Although everything works in this way, it is not supported. Use gADO=xtra"ADOxtra" instead. Fixed.

January 22nd, 2001

Version 1.00.002
The first public release.

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