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ADOxtra_MUS Reference/Version History

ADOxtra for Macromedia Shockwave Multiuser Server

October 8rd, 2002

Version 0.08.002 Build 19
Demo limitation was significatly weakened. Now demo version works within two days (restart MUS to make it work again) and handles not more than about 5000 messages (restart MUS to make it work again).

September 3rd, 2002

Version 0.08.001 Build 18
Fixed a bug in configuration procedure. An error was reported when DataSource object did not contain default settings for CursorType and LockType ADO properties.
Fixed a bug in ADO.Execute message. An error was reported as a result of running the query even if it was successful. Error occured while trying to access ADO properties of a closed Recordset object. The recordset object is closed right after executing data modification query.

July 25th, 2002

Version 0.08.000 Build 15
Full version is available.

June 12th, 2002

Version 0.08.000 Build 6
The first public release. Only the demo version is available at this time.

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