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ADOxtra_MUS Usage/About

What is ADOxtra_MUS?

ADOxtra for Shockwave Multiuser Server extends its capabilities with run-time access to ADO compliant databases. Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC is directly accessible from both MUS client movies and MUS server-side Lingo scripts.

What is ADO?

ADO (Active Data Objects) component is one of Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC).
MDAC is a modern system level extension from Microsoft providing database management capabilities. It is already installed with Windows 98/ME/2000, Internet Explorer, Microsoft Office and other software.
Installers for Windows 95/NT systems are available online at www.microsoft.com.
The complete ADO documentation is available online at msdn.microsoft.com.
Also see http://www.microsoft.com/data/ for more information about MDAC.

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