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ObjectBrowserXtra Documentation

ObjectBrowser Xtra for Macromedia Director

ObjectBrowser xtra is a free autodocumentation companion to VbScriptXtra. It shows all scriptable components (COM Automation) description known to the system. Use it to browse component descriptions to find out which methods and properties are supported by a component.
It is available to Download within ActiveCompanionSet.

Several fundamental terms to notice

Type library
The most of scriptable components provide a special file or resource containing formal descriptions of all objects, interfaces, methods and properties provided by a component. These descriptions are usually grouped into type libraries. ObjectBrowser shows these descriptions into a tree-like manner where the names of available type libraries are shown at the first hierarchy level.
If you have Microsoft Word installed, you may find 'Microsoft Word' entry and expand it to see what you can do with Word.

ProgId is a string specifying particular component. Usually you may use ProgId to create appropriate object via VbScriptXtra's CreateObject call. For example 'Word.Application' is the ProgId of the Microsoft Word.
The most of type libraries describes one or more creatable components that could be created via CreateObject call using corresponding ProgId.
ObjectBrowser shows available ProgIds under 'ProgIds' branch of every type library entry.

Interface is some abstract definition of the set of available methods and properties. If you get a reference to the interface somehow, and you know which methods and properties it contains, you may use it.
For example, after you create an instance of the 'Word.Application' CreateObject returns you a reference to the 'Application' interface. 'Application' interface of Word contains a lot of methods and properties. Some of the properties may return references to other interfaces like 'Documents' property, which returns a reference to the Documents collection of the Word application.
ObjectBrowser shows available interfaces under 'Interfaces' branch of every type library entry. You may expand every interface entry to see which methods and properties it consists of.

Enumeration is just a set of named constants. They are very useful in programming since they offer meaningful names instead of meaningless numeric values.
ObjectBrowser shows available enumerations under 'Enumerations' branch of every type library entry. You may expand every enumeration entry to see which methods and properties it consists of.


ObjectBrowser is an xtra for Macromedia Director of type both 'scripting' and 'tool'. So it is available both from Lingo and from Xtras menu.

Select Xtras/XtraMania :: ActiveCompanionSet/ObjectBrowser... item to invoke ObjectBrowser window.

Also you may use Lingo Browse xtra-level method to invoke ObjectBrowser window:

If you pass a VbScriptXtra instance as an argument to this method, ObjectBrowser will try to find the corresponding interface and show it to you:

Starting from VbScriptXtra version 2 you can simply type:
put objWord.interface()
for any VbScriptXtra's COM Automation wrapper. It will automatically invoke ObjectBrowser and find the wrapped interface description.

ObjectBrowser shows all available type libraries as a tree. Different types of tree items have handy context menus, which allows you to copy item's information into clipboard and invoke component help file if any.

ObjectBrowserXtra's window

ObjectBrowser xtra

It is available to Download within ActiveCompanionSet.

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