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ActiveCompanion Xtras Samples

ActiveCompanionSet for Macromedia Director


Internet Explorer - sample script silently navigates to an URL, waits while downloading is ready and then shows an IE window in specified location. Another sample shows how to set up on stage web navigation with IE ActiveX control. Sample Director movie is available to download.

MediaPlayer - sample behaviorshows how to set up on stage playing of different media with all power of MediaPlayer ActiveX control. Sample Director movie is available to download.

Word - simple script runs Word application (if any) creates new document and types a simple message at the top of the page. Another sample shows using OLE Embedded Word Document.

Excel - sample script runs Excel application (if any) creates new workbook and puts a simple message into the first cell of the first sheet.

PowerPoint - sample script that builds PowerPoint slide from Director frame. Another sample shows how to run PowerPoint movie right on Macromedia Director stage. Sample Director movie is available to download. There is also a script that demostrates how to play PowerPoint presentation with PowerPoint Viewer.

ADO - simple script for opening ADO recordset for reading or writing to Microsoft Access database. Short tutorial about basic ADO operations with VbScriptXtra.

Jet - simple script for compacting Microsoft Access database. It can also be used to set or change Jet password for mdb file.

MSNMessenger - simple script that retrieves contacts list from MSN Messenger.

Sending e-mail - simple script that sends e-mail using CDO (Collaboration Data Objects).

Using System Registry - simple script that shows how to store user's preferences in Registry.

WMI samples - show how to use Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) together with VbScriptXtra to obtain details about logical drive or running process (Director.exe for example) including memory and process usage details etc.

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