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VbScriptXtra Samples/MSN Messenger

ActiveCompanionSet xtras for Macromedia Director

Retrieving contacts from MSN Messenger

This handler will retrieve your contacts from Messenger and simply put it in Messages window.

on testMessenger
  -- Creating the Messenger object
  objMsgrObject = xtra("VbScriptXtra").CreateObject("Messenger.MsgrObject")
  if not objectP(objMsgrObject) then
    alert "Failed to create messenger:"&RETURN&objMsgrObject
  end if
  -- Getting users list
  IMsgrUsers = objMsgrObject.List(0)
  -- Retrieving info about every contact in the list
  repeat with counter=0 to IMsgrUsers.count-1
    put IMsgrUsers.Item(counter).FriendlyName & " = " &
  end repeat

Sent by: Dave Mee, London

Where to find more info about Messenger?

VbScriptXtra provides autodocumentation feature allowing you to see what you can do with particular object instance. Just create a recordset object and type in Messages window:
put interface(objMsgrObject)
put interface(IMsgrUsers)

ObjectBrowser xtra - autodocumentation companion for VbScriptXtra - will show all available interfaces, methods, properties and enumerations.

ObjectBrowser xtra is a part of ActiveCompanionSet. It is available to Download.

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