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ActiveX2AIR - COM/ActiveX for Adobe AIR Windows desktop applications.

With ActiveX2AIR native extension you can do:
+ any ADO(ADODB) databasing (Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle) right from AIR Action Script (AS3).
+ automate Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Office applications through COM/ActiveX interfaces.
+ use other COM objects

Attach ActiveX2AIR.ane to your Flash Builder project and simply use COM/ActiveX from AS3 scripts.

ActiveCompanionSet - COM, OLE and ActiveX support for Adobe Director.

It is a bundle of xtras that provide COM, OLE and ActiveX support for Macromedia Director.
Scripting control over external applications like Microsoft Office, IE, Adobe Photoshop. Support for ActiveX objects like ADO (ActiveX Data Objects), DAO (Data Access Objects), ADOX, ADOMD, custom ActiveX controls etc.
Support for visual ActiveX controls.
Binary (BLOB) data and Unicode support (former BinaryXtra), Date/Time wrapper.
Operations with system Registry. Full control over keyboard layout.
Support for OLE objects including complete scripting support for OLE objects activation and editing at run-time.
Handy ObjectBrowser that provides interface description of COM Automation objects.

VbScriptXtra - COM Automation for Adobe Director

VbScriptXtra allows you to use Lingo in the same way as VbScript to automate applications. Full control over Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Office, Internet Explorer, ADO, ADOX, ADOMD, DAO, system shell and other software and system components right from Lingo.
Shipped within ActiveCompanionSet.

ObjectBrowserXtra - auto documentation companion to VbScriptXtra (Free!)

ObjectBrowserXtra is a free auto documentation companion to VbScriptXtra. It shows all scriptable components (COM Automation) description known to the system. Use it to browse component descriptions to find out which methods and properties are supported by a component.
Shipped within ActiveCompanionSet.

OLE Xtra - OLE objects support for Adobe Director

OLE xtra is a replacement for the similar xtra from Macromedia. It allows inserting OLE object as a cast member. Data stored within cast member includes native OLE object's data and either DIB or Metafile data that could be optionally used for drawing object on stage.
OLE xtra provides full scripting control over embeded OLE object by means of VbScriptXtra.

ActiveX xtra - visual ActiveX controls support for Adobe Director

ActiveX xtra is a replacement for the similar xtra from Macromedia. It allows inserting visual ActiveX controls as Director sprites.
ActiveX xtra provides full scripting control over wrapped object by means of VbScriptXtra.

ADOxtra - ADO for Adobe Director

ADOxtra brings a power of ADO (ActiveX Data Objects) to Macromedia(r) Director. ADOxtra allows you to retrieve or modify data in MS Access files, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases over LAN, ODBC compliant databases from authoring, projector or Shockwave. It is capable to access databases over Internet.
ADOxtra implements a limited subset of ADO. VbScriptXtra provides complete ADO support.
Limited ADO support allows ADOxtra to be safe for Shockwave while VbScriptXtra is not safe for Shockwave.

ADOxtra_MUS - ADO for Adobe Shockwave Multiuser Server

ADOxtra for Shockwave Multiuser Server extends its capabilities with run-time access to ADO compliant databases. Access, SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, ODBC is directly accessible from both MUS client movies and MUS server-side Lingo scripts.

BinaryXtra - binary data support for Adobe Director (Free!)

BinaryXtra implements a binary Lingo variable, which can hold any binary data including cast members' media or picture data. Binary contents can be red from a file or written to a file. Also binary data can be accessed directly.

BinaryXtra extends the capabilities of ADOxtra in handling BLOB data in databases.

VbScriptXtra (v2) has new binary wrapper inside. It provides even more useful functionality. Binary wrapper of VbScriptXtra is Free.

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