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ADO Xtra for Macromedia Director

ADOxtra extends the capabilities of Lingo (Director's scripting language) with ability to access databases using ADO.

ADOxtra allows you to retrieve or modify data in MS Access files, MS SQL Server and Oracle databases, ODBC compliant databases from authoring and projector locally and over LAN and from Shockwave over Internet.

ADOxtra provides recordset-based data accessing with automatic type casting that grants the ability to work with a database field value of that type that it is in a database. So integer database fields look like integer Lingo values and text database fields look like string Lingo values, etc. You do not need to explicitly convert values.

ADOxtra supports large binary data (BLOB) via free BinaryXtra.

Where to find more info about ADOxtra?

Go to Documentation section to get detailed description of the xtra. Printable PDF version of the documentation is available at Downloads section.

See FAQs collection for some additional information about ADOxtra.

Go to Downloads section to get the ADOxtra and demo movies with sources. Demo version is fully functional, except a limited number of records accessible by recordset instance.

See Samples collection for simple scripts demonstrating what you can do with ADOxtra.

Go to Buy section for pricing information and license agreement. Note: ADOxtra is sold and supported by MediaMacros Inc. www.mediamacros.com.

System Requirements

Macromedia Director v7, v8, v8.5, MX, MX 2004 or projector or Shockwave
Windows 95/98/ME, NT/2000/XP with MDAC (2.0 and higher) installed.

Note: MDAC (Microsoft Data Access Components) is already installed in all modern Windows systems, since it is treated as system level extension for database access.

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