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ActiveCompanionSet - COM, OLE and ActiveX support for Adobe Director.

It is a bundle of xtras that provide COM, OLE and ActiveX support for Adobe Director.

The main idea of ActiveCompanionSet is to bundle several xtras developed to provide complete support for COM, OLE, ActiveX technologies for Adobe Director. The key component of the ActiveCompanionSet is the renewed VbScriptXtra (version 2).

VbScriptXtra allows you to use Lingo in the same way as VbScript to automate applications. Full control over Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Office, Internet Explorer, ADO, ADOX, ADOMD, DAO, system shell and other software and system components right from Lingo.
Shipped within ActiveCompanionSet.

Among others, VbScriptXtra includes wrapper objects for different types of data. The current version includes wrapper for binary (BLOB) data, wrapper for date/time data and wrapper for handling operations with system Registry, system helper wrapper that provides full control over keyboard layout and running objects table. These wrappers are free. See the License Agreement for more details.

The ActiveCompanionSet currently includes VbScriptXtra, ObjectBrowserXtra, OLE xtra and ActiveX xtra.

Useful links

VbScriptXtra's Documentation is available as PDF document.
OLE xtra's Documentation is available as PDF document.
ActiveX xtra Documentation is available as PDF document.

Generic usage information is available here.

Go to Downloads section to get the ActiveCompanionSet and sample movies.

There are a collection of sample scripts using ActiveCompanionSet xtras.

Go to Buy section for pricing information and license agreement. Note: ActiveCompanionSet is sold and supported by MediaMacros Inc. www.mediamacros.com.

System Requirements

Macromedia Director v7 and later or Adobe Director v11 and later or Projector
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

ActiveCompanionSet xtras are not Shockwave safe.

These xtras are based on Microsoft technologies that are not ported to Macs. So, there are no Mac version of ActiveCompanionSet.

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