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ActiveX2AIR - COM/ActiveX for Adobe AIR Windows desktop applications.

With ActiveX2AIR native extension you can do:
+ any ADO databasing (Microsoft Access, SQL Server, Oracle) right from Action Script (AS3).
+ control Microsoft Word, Excel, and other Office applications through COM/ActiveX interfaces.
+ use other COM objects

Attach ActiveX2AIR.ane to your Flash Builder project and simply use COM/ActiveX from AS3 scripts.

See ADO sample that demonstrates populating flex datagrid with ADODB.Recordset data.

Purchasing ActiveX2AIR

There are several kinds of licenses to purchase:

Limited Licence allows ActiveX2AIR to be used with certain licensed ProgIds.

Unlimited Licence allows using any functionality of ActiveCompanionSet xtras.

Go to Buy section for pricing information and available licenses.

See the License Agreement.

Unregistered version shows tiny evaluation reminder when used. No other functionality limitations are applied.

System Requirements

Adobe AIR
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10

These ANE is based on Microsoft technologies that are not ported to Macs. So, there are no Mac version of ActiveX2AIR.

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