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ActiveX xtra

ActiveX xtra for Adobe Director

ActiveX xtra is shipped within ActiveCompanionSet.

ActiveX xtra is a replacement for the similar xtra from Macromedia. It allows inserting visual ActiveX controls as Director sprites.
ActiveX xtra provides full scripting control over wrapped object by means of VbScriptXtra.

Adobe Director installation has ActiveX.x32 from Adobe. You can always choose which xtra fits you needs better.

Most of ActiveX xtra functionality is free (note: scripting support is implemented by VbScriptXtra). See the License Agreement for more details.

ActiveX xtra is available to download with ActiveCompanionSet package.

ActiveX xtra's Documentation is available as PDF document.

ActiveX xtra Features List

ActiveX xtra provides full scripting support for ActiveX controls. You can programmatically create the ActiveX control object (simple and visual) having scripting control over it through VbScriptXtra.

ActiveX xtra provides correct keyboard handling for ActiveX control.

There are several samples showing how to control Microsoft InternetExplorer or MediaPlayer with on Stage with ActiveX xtra.

System Requirements

Macromedia Director v7 and later or Adobe Director v11 and later or Projector
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

ActiveCompanionSet xtras are not Shockwave safe.

These xtras are based on Microsoft technologies that are not ported to Macs. So, there are no Mac version of ActiveCompanionSet.

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