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BinaryXtra for Macromedia Director

BinaryXtra implements a binary Lingo variable, which can hold any binary data.

The main goal of BinaryXtra is to allow ADOxtra to handle binary data like BLOB database fields. If the xtra is present ADOxtra will use it indirectly when accessing BLOB data.

BinaryXtra can be used on its own, since it capable to allocate a new empty binary data object and fill it like an array, initialize it with a file contents, or cast member's media, or cast member's picture. Then binary contents may be written to a file or assigned to a member as its media or picture.

VbScriptXtra (v2) has new binary wrapper inside. It provides even more useful functionality. Binary wrapper of VbScriptXtra is Free.

Where to find more info about BinaryXtra?

Go to Documentation section to get detailed description of the xtra. Printable PDF version of the documentation is available at Downloads section.

Go to Downloads section to get the BinaryXtra and demo movies with sources. It is free.

System requirements

Macromedia Director v7, v8, v8.5, MX, MX 2004 or Projector or Shockwave
Windows 95/98/ME, NT/2000/XP

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