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OLE xtra

OLE xtra for Adobe Director

OLE xtra is shipped within ActiveCompanionSet.

OLE xtra is a replacement for the similar xtra from Macromedia. It allows inserting OLE object as a cast member. Data stored within cast member includes native OLE object's data and either DIB or Metafile data that could be optionally used for drawing object on stage.
With OLE xtra you can insert Microsoft Excel table or Microsoft PowerPoint slide or Microsoft Equation object etc. right in your movie. OLE object could be drawn either with native OLE application or with internally stored either DIB (for raster images) or Metafile (for vector images).
OLE xtra provides full scripting control over embeded OLE object.

Most of OLE xtra functionality is free, but scripting control of the embedded object requires VbScriptXtra license. See the License Agreement for more details.

OLE xtra is available to download with ActiveCompanionSet package.

OLE xtra's Documentation is available as PDF document.

OLE xtra Features List

OLE xtra provides scripting support for embedded OLE objects. It means basic OLE operations are scriptable. You can programmatically activate the embedded object having scripting control over it through VbScriptXtra, modify it, apply changes to the object and even save this changes with the cast member's media.

OLE xtra allows activating OLE objects right on stage. In this way you can play PowerPoint presentation right on stage, still having scripting control over it. See the sample for details.

OLE xtra allows saving preview image of the OLE object as vector or raster image for showing embedded objects when no host application is available.

System Requirements

Macromedia Director v7 and later or Adobe Director v11 and later or Projector
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

ActiveCompanionSet xtras are not Shockwave safe.

These xtras are based on Microsoft technologies that are not ported to Macs. So, there are no Mac version of ActiveCompanionSet.

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