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VbScriptXtra for Adobe Director

VbScriptXtra is shipped within ActiveCompanionSet.

VbScriptXtra allows you to use Lingo in the same way as VbScript to automate applications. Full control over Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, Office, Internet Explorer, ADO, ADOX, ADOMD, DAO, system shell and other software and system components right from Lingo.
Shipped within ActiveCompanionSet.
Among others, VbScriptXtra includes wrapper objects for different types of data. The current version includes wrapper for binary (BLOB) data, wrapper for date/time data and wrapper for handling operations with system Registry. These wrappers are free. See the License Agreement for more details.

VbScriptXtra's Documentation is available as PDF document.

What software VbScriptXtra can automate?

Potentially, any software may support COM Automation technology. Most of Microsoft software fully supports Automation. 'Fully' means anything you can do by hands you can do by script.

Software, which supports Automation (and therefore is supported by VbScriptXtra) includes: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Microsoft Visual Source Safe, some system components including common open/save dialogs, system shell, Windows Scripting Host, data access components: ADO, ADOX, ADOMD, DAO, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe ImageReady, Microsoft NetMeeting, Collaboration Data Objects (CDO), Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) etc.

VbScriptXtra Features List

Automation wrapper provides cascaded methods and properties access allowing using sophisticated object model exposed by Word, Excel and other Automation compliant applications right from Lingo.

VbScriptXtra integrates several types of wrapper objects to provide more flexible handling of a data of different nature that can be used by Automation objects.

Binary data wrapper is used to handle BLOB or other binary data including Unicode texts. It can also be used as a simple array of bytes or wide chars with possibility to read/write data from files. Binary wrapper of VbScriptXtra is free. You can freely use it in your projects. See License Agreement for more details.

Date/Time wrapper is used to handle date/time data. It offers quite powerful formatting capabilities for date/time values. Date/Time wrapper of VbScriptXtra is free. You can freely use it in your projects. See License Agreement for more details.

Registry key wrapper is used to handle operations with system Registry. Registry key wrapper of VbScriptXtra is free. You can freely use it in your projects. See License Agreement for more details.

GetObject syntax is fully supported now for accessing currently running objects or applications via GetObject and GetObject2 methods. See the WMI sample.

The system-level Running Object Table is supported providing scripting control of all running Automation objects registered in ROT. You can attach to all running Office documents for example. See the System helper object for details.

Full control over keyboard layout. System helper wrapper can now switch keyboard layouts right in Director or Projector. It may be useful for multilingual applications when user is expected to type something in specific language.

Lingo symbols passed to VbScriptXtra type casting routines are translated as named constants from the loaded type libraries. Use wrapper.GetEnum() method to get the value of the specified named constant if you need it in expression.

VbScriptXtra ships with autodocumentation helper: ObjectBrowserXtra. You can invoke it with wrapper.Interface() method to view the description of methods and properties provided by the wrapped object. ObjectBrowserXtra is free.

VbScriptXtra wrapper objects fully support Macromedia Director's debugger and object inspector. You can now expand object instance to view values of its properties.

Purchasing VbScriptXtra

There are three kinds of licenses to purchase:

Free Licence is granted to everyone who accepts the Licence Agreement. It allows using any functionality of ActiveCompanionSet xtras except for VbScriptXtra wrappers for COM Automation objects. Other wrappers of VbScriptXtra are free. Currently that are wrapper for Binary data, wrapper for Date/Time data, wrapper for system Registry operations and system helper wrapper.

Limited Licence allows using main VbScriptXtra functionality (COM Automation wrapper) to be used with certain ProgIds, that are licensed for using with VbScriptXtra.

Unlimited Licence allows using any functionality of ActiveCompanionSet xtras.

See the License Agreement for more details.

Unregistered version shows evaluation reminder when it detects using functionality that is not licensed. No other functionality limitations are applied.

Go to Buy section for pricing information and available licenses.

System Requirements

Macromedia Director v7 and later or Adobe Director v11 and later or Projector
Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

ActiveCompanionSet xtras are not Shockwave safe.

These xtras are based on Microsoft technologies that are not ported to Macs. So, there are no Mac version of ActiveCompanionSet.

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